Processing Cooling Water Stick Assemblies

Process Cooling Water PCW Stick Assemblies

Sitting behind process lines are the unsung heroes of today's challenging industrial environments. When everything runs smooth, process cooling water (PCW) components increase machinery efficiencies by keeping critical production temperatures controlled within optimal ranges.

Low-key, behind-the-scenes, integrated cooling assemblies and components, that work reliably and dependably in the background, are exactly what every process system needs. That's the Valex PCW stick.

And if simplified installation, space-efficient footprints, factory-hydrostatic testing, end-connection flexibility, and value, come as part of the package deal - then so be it.

Product Details
  • Stick Size Range: 1/2 - 2
  • End Connection Sizes: 3/8" - 2", NPS 1/2 - NPS 2
  • Flow Range: 5 - 100 GPM
  • Connection Types: NPT/FNPT, Hose Barb, Extended Hose Barb, Compression, Union
  • Specifications: Product Line Specification Link